Selected Works

Creative Nonfiction

“The Shared Table” Baring Witness: 36 Mormon Women Talk Candidly about Love, Sex, and Marriage  September 2016


“The Chicken Fight Champion of Third Grade” May 2016

“Morning on the Day After Eden” Exponent II Winter 2016 Midrash Edition

“The Suitcase” Switchback Fall 2015

“Stroller” J Journal Spring 2015

“Naked I Was” Plasma Frequency March/April 2015

“Everyday Imperatives” Pen2Paper November 2014

“Sous Chef” The NewerYork June 2014

The Craigslist Killerwordhaus May 2014

“Scroll Down” Cease, Cows May 2014

“Kitchen Dragon” Brain, Child Spring 2014

“Morning on the Day After Eden” thickjam

“Every Age She’d Ever Been” Gone Lawn Winter 2013


It’s Possible I’m Projecting” and “Heavenly Mother Eats Carbs” A Mother Here Art and Poetry Contest

“Future Wife” Spark: A Creative Anthology  Volume III

Slick” New Verse News June 2, 2010

About Rebekah

The second oldest of six children, Rebekah lived in Grenada, Florida, Arizona, California, and Michigan before her family settled in a conservative Utah community. She now lives in Washington with her husband and three children.